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2009 years, the host market is not a safe car, the size of the brand's life and death race, one after another price war, the chip is facing a sudden shortage of ... ... in this smoke filled the air, everyone had to play badly beaten the battlefield, there is a war hero holding a map, very calm and comfortable in command of his "Xuelang team," strategist, command denounced Qiu Fang. Under his leadership, his team gradually expand the market and slowly climbed the hill, the highest point of winning, so that competitors look askance at him, that Covey's Lu Peiren.

2009 years, Covey, With Lu Peiren sharp market insight and calm the internal strength cultivation, the sector has created countless mythical miracles: eight months in a row not new, not price cuts circumstances, 2009 per capita amount of the machine has reached the national first, at the same time, Covey and BYD works closely with its excellent product quality has been rated as the model-based BYD strategic partner. BYD to win such a high rating, which undoubtedly represents Covey at the technical level and product quality are of a qualitative leap, which is many Covey proud people.

But countless people about is not new eight months, can Covey in "sleep" it? The face of ever-changing, speed is king of the market, how they dare so lightly? This is what they did eight months before achieved such a feat? Today, we approached the helm Lu Peiren Covey, so he opened one by one for our answers. General Manager Lu Peiren


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After 8 months, "closed-door practice" to achieve gorgeous turn When interviewed Lu Peiren

nearly 18 o'clock, he was busy with a reception at the door waiting for dealers, and finally our turn, came forward to shake hands, sat down, his eyes reveal a strong surge over full of confidence.

"I think the brand is the quality of the root will always be!" I throw the problem is not so, Lu Peiren first expressed his views: "Today, waiting in front of the two suppliers is to not tell their boss does not meet certain come in person to top-level officials to grasp the quality that we give to meet! how to prevent minor illnesses? the problem lie? We have to dig the root! "brand has been in the Covey consumers agree, when the helm who is still stubborn adhere to the principles and requirements of their own: we must pay close attention to quality, desperately to engage in quality, can do better. It is exactly because of this dedication, it was a magnificent achievement of the Covey transfiguration.

2009 8 months, after a full 8 months long period of time, Covey "and retreats to practice", with its extraordinary calm and patience and work together to forge ahead, and finally succeeded in upgrading the product technology platform that T6 HD digital platforms, once the product is converted to digital plus digital screen technology platform, which marks the Covey innovation in product technology to a new level, is the rapid development of business by leaps and bounds new starting point for enterprise development is a new milestone in the history of ! At this time, the industry's price war is playing in trying, Lu Peiren still go its own way, determined not to participate in price wars. "All of the price wars are cutting corners, if you do not cut corners to price war? It is irresponsible for the market, Covey people always do the most cost-effective."

What is the brand? Light does not call attention-grabbing brand, so only an empty symbol, if you see the brand, but also think of the meaning behind it, people and things, and that is absolutely successful. Quality is the root, the root can be established with the connotation of the brand, culture and accountability, Covey who did. When they built it all on when the pursuit of the best quality, no doubt made himself a free ad, and a huge influence. In 2009, total sales may Covey is not the largest, but it is certain that they are one of the highest reputation in the industry, and has won numerous "iron buddy" support and trust.

Ready successful in distant 2010, sales in the invisible

On innovation, this is not just a new topic within the industry, and the appearance of innovative, functional product innovation ... ... homogenization in serious cases, each of which race against time, spell details, but this small difference of the market has not been winning. Want to gain a firm foothold in the market, Covey based on the vehicle computer industry and to carry out the inventive channel innovation: three-forward, three-dimensional marketing.

Three lines: high market share in three lines to go low, Covey will not leave the wholesale channel and the end of the market, will give the terminal distributor of technology, marketing, training, and policies related to sales support, with the price leverage to restrain and control "cottage" development, at the same time, Covey products will continue in the 4S shops in the side channels to strengthen the promotion, In addition, with the cooperation of BYD pre-installed market will fully open up the market to develop high-end Covey , to learn each other's advanced technology and culture, to achieve their effective precipitation and leaps. Also carried out three lines, but the intensity and focus are different, "three-dimensional marketing" is the product of effective breakthrough in the three lines of the "three arrows shot", the realization of the full three-dimensional market outflanking.

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